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Georgetown University

Class of '15 &

former MLS player


"I was fortunate enough to have Bruce Murray as a coach at a pivotal point in my playing career. The college recruitment process can often be a stressful process for teenage players trying to juggle the array of other responsibilities they have pulling on them. On the field, Bruce shared with me numerous technical and tactical improvements that allowed me to transition into Division 1 soccer. Equally as important in the recruiting process, Bruce’s extensive network within the soccer community afforded me numerous conversations with many top tier college coaches. These relationships provided many doors opened and ultimately allowed me the opportunity to be a four-year starter at Georgetown University both athletically and academically. I am confident that Bruce’s impact on my soccer career allowed me to ultimately achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a professional soccer player in the MLS."


-- Cole Seiler 

Parents of CeCe Price

University of Florida Class of '24

“Bruce - Just want to thank you again (and again), because we’ve never seen our daughter happier than she is at Florida! Thinking back to our conversations about finding the right ECNL club environment and then similar conversations about college, it is truly amazing how things have worked out for her. Your solid rapport with club and college coaches played a major role!

-- Tim & Nina Price

Parents of Matt Allen

Shenandoah University Class of '24


"Bruce Murray started working with my son at the start of his junior year in high school. Bruce evaluated my son’s strengths and areas that needed more training. Bruce developed a training program that consisted of strength and technical training. Matthew was able to train with Bruce twice a week plus he did strength training. His skills improved consistently and his confidence grew the more he worked with Bruce. Bruce also spent many hours breaking down game film with Matthew to help him develop a deeper understanding of the game and be able to read the play more quickly. 


Bruce was Matthew’s biggest supporter. He pushed him to improve but was always positive in working with him. Bruce also played an instrumental role as Matthew went through the college recruiting process. Early on Bruce had open and honest conversations with Matthew on what his goal was and what he hoped to achieve. Matthew was interested in a full college experience and he focused on division three schools. Bruce reached out to all of the college coaches at the schools Matthew was interested in. He also suggested others he thought might be a fit. Bruce also leveraged his existing relationships to have Matthew’s highlight reel reviewed by a top Division 1 coach which provided helpful perspective. Ultimately Matthew received 5 different offers to play in college and chose Shenandoah University. I can’t highlight enough how much Bruce helped in Matthew’s development, understanding and reading the game and advocating on Matthew’s behalf with the college coaches."

--Matt Allen

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