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Bruce Murray Soccer Academy Camp Staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. 

Covid19 guidelines, regulations, protocols and best practices 

  • Our player groups will be limited in number.

  • Our players groups will start and end each day together and enjoy a daily rotation of activities, lunch and breaks as a unit.  Groups will not co-mingle, and because our facility is large, we can readily socially distance groups throughout the day. 

  • Most activities will be out of doors, or in our open-air pavilions.  

  • Facilities and equipment will be sanitized between uses.  

  • Face masks – we will follow the recommended use of face masks as it pertains to each activity through the practice session.  All players and staffers will need to come to the session with a face mask to wear as needed.  Face masks will not be used when social distancing is possible.

  • We will conduct intake health screenings for each staffer and player at the start of each day.  We will use a touchless scanner-type thermometer to take the child’s temperature, and have parents complete a simple COVID-19 symptoms wellness checklist.  This information will be kept secure and confidential.  Back of the Net has always had sign-in/out procedures for campers; this is an easy variation that follows Maryland youth camp guidelines.

  • Hand-sanitizing – we will have hand sanitizer in the type and quantity required available to all campers and staff throughout each day and will follow best practices regarding the use of hand sanitizer. Availability/use of hand sanitizer has always been part of the routine staff and player health protocol at Back of the Net.  

  • Boxed lunches will be served to avoid handling and sharing.

  • Drop-off, Pick-up/Sign-out – the property is large enough to provide each group with it's own designated drop off and pick up spot.

Camp Inclement Weather Safety Precautions

Please note that on most days soccer campers are outdoors all day. However, in the event of inclement weather there are two storm centers available to soccer campers. If there is a rain storm with winds less than 15 miles per hour, soccer campers are moved to the picnic pavilion. If there is a rainstorm with winds above 15 miles per hour, soccer campers are taken to the Southard Room in the clubhouse. The facility is equipped with an early warning device, in case of lightning.

On days of severe heat (code red) all soccer camp activity is kept to a minimum and the afternoon activities are moved to an air-conditioned area.

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